Biro Model 44SSFH Fixed Head Meat Saw

Biro Model 44SSFH Fixed Head Meat Saw

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The BIRO Model 44SSFH (Stainless Steel/Fixed Head) Power Meat Saw equipped with a 142” (3606.8 mm) Saw Blade is a heavy-duty, high-volume bandsaw that is well-suited for continuous intensive operation. The 3HP industrial motor, at 4000 feet per minute as standard blade speed, provides you with plenty of power and efficiency. BIRO’s unique EZ-Flow meat carriage with 8 Stainless Steel Bearings helps reduce operator fatigue and increase productivity. The watertight magnetic electrical controller helps ensure safe, reliable operation. The 18” (457mm) diameter saw blade wheels with a 17-5/32” (435.8mm) horizontal cutting clearance and a full 17-1/8” (435mm) vertical cutting clearance lets you cut larger product pieces than other saws. A broad range of designs, configurations, and options give you the flexibility to own a saw that fits your exact needs. The BIRO Model 44SSFH Series Power Meat Saws have superior durability and engineering features you’ve come to expect from BIRO, which means you’ll get years of reliable use, low maintenance, and minimal overall cost of ownership.




3 DP 208-220/440 9.4-9.0/4.5 60 3 STD
3 DP 220/380-415 10.8/6.2-5.7 50 3 STD
5 MR 208-220/440 15.7-14.8/7.9 60 3 EC
5 MR 575 5.9 60 3 EC
5 MR 220/380-415 17.8/10.3-9.4 50 3 EC

DP = Drip Proof EC = Extra Cost MR = Moisture Resistant STD = Standard

Standard Features

Two saw blades, operation and parts manual, safety wall poster, end cut safety pusher plate.


Watertight magnetic with thermal overload and under voltage protection.

Head and Door

Stainless steel fixed head, removable head door.

Blade Standard

Hard tooth, three teeth per inch (8.5 mm between teeth), 142” (3606.8 mm) long x 5/8” (16 mm) wide, .022” (.56 mm) thick (two supplied with each saw).

Blade Speed

Std. 4000 feet (1219 m) per minute approx. Higher blade speed available depending on product to be cut.

Blade Back-up Guides

Upper and lower blade backup guides, (both with long life carbide back-up inserts). Both assemblies removable for easy cleaning.

Blade Wheels

18” (457 mm) cast iron, chrome nickel plating, upper wheel assembly lifts out.


Heavy duty tapered roller bearings used in upper wheel and lower bearing housings.

Catch Pan

Poly, extra deep (rounded corners) pan sealed off from other parts of base, accessible through base hinged door.

Options (EC)

All models 44SSFH accept 142” (3606.8 mm) blade.

Cleaning Unit

Stainless steel body, long life carbide guide insert, stainless steel saw cleaners, removable as a unit for easy cleaning (assembly also adjustable as a unit).

Drive System

Non slip silent v-belt, tension adjustable.


Four stainless steel leg bolt levelers.

Meat Carriage

Stainless steel EZ-flow movement with eight stainless steel bearings.

Meat Gauge Plate

Stainless steel faced, adjustable from 1/16” (1.59 mm) to 6-1/2” (165 mm) locks in position, can be disengaged, entire assembly removable for cleaning.

Motor Compartment

Sealed off from meat contact areas, easily accessible through removable panel door.

Rear Platter

Stainless steel, held in place with two push pull hold down stainless steel rods.

Safety End Cut Pusher Plate

Standard, removable pusher plate, storage hanger provided.


U.S.D.A., U.L., N.S.F., C.F.I.A. (C.S.A., STD., DP, 3HP-230-60-3)

Weight Standard Configuration

See drawing A. Uncrated: 600 lbs. (272 kg.) approximate. Crated: 700 lbs (318 kg.) approximate.

Dims. Standard Configuration Crated

See drawing A L = 54”(137 cm), W = 45”(114 cm), H = 83”(211 cm).