Biro Model 55 Meat Saw

Biro Model 55 Meat Saw

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The 5 HP (3 Kw) motor provides all the power you need to break pork, lamb, veal, or beef all day in a high volume production operation. Heavy duty, stainless steel construction helps the Model 55 hold up under the harshest conditions with minimum maintenance. With the standard front moving carriage and meat gauge plate and 20” H (508mm) by 21” D (533mm) cutting clearance, you can use the same saw to produce retail cuts or split loins and break quarters, which makes the Model 55 unmatched for versatility. Superior BIRO engineering means you’ll have a saw that’s built to last. Over the life of the saw, you’ll get more for your money. As with all BIRO products, if you need a particular modification to fit your application let us know. We’ll try to build it for you – something only BIRO does.



5 TEFC 208-230 15-13.2 60 3 STD
5 TEFC 440-460 8-6.6 60 3 OP/NC
5 TEFC 220/380-415 14/8.1-7.4 50 3 OP/NC
5 TEFC 550-575 5.9 60 3 EC
7.5 TEFC 208-230/460 21-18.6/9.4 60 3 EC

TEFC = Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled STD = Standard OP = Optional NC = No Charge EC = Extra Cost

Standard Features

Two saw blades, operation and parts manual, safety wall poster, end cut safety pusher plate.


Watertight magnetic with thermal overload and under voltage protection.

Head and Door

Stainless steel fixed head, removable head door.

Blade Standard

Hard tooth, three teeth per inch (8.5 mm between teeth), 164.5” (4178.3 mm) long x 3/4” (19 mm) wide, .022” (.56 mm) thick (two supplied with each saw).

Blade Speed

3880 feet (1180 m) per minute approx.

Blade Back-up Guides

Upper and lower blade backup guide assemblies, removable, with long life carbide back-up inserts.

Blade Tension

Factory preset spring with screw handle assembly.

Blade Wheels

22” (55.8 cm) cast iron, chrome nickel plating, upper wheel assembly lifts out.


Heavy duty tapered roller bearings used in upper wheel and lower bearing housings.

Catch Pan

Stainless steel pan sealed off from other parts of base, accessible through base hinged door.

Cleaning Unit

Stainless steel body, long life carbide guide insert, stainless steel saw cleaners, removable as a unit for easy cleaning (assembly also adjustable as a unit).

Drive System

Non slip silent v-belt, tension adjustable.


Stainless steel legs with discs, adjustable.

Meat Carriage

Stainless steel, EZ-flow movement with ten stainless steel bearings.

Meat Gauge Plate

Stainless steel faced, adjustable from 1/16” (1.59 mm) to 6-1/2” (165 mm) locks in position, can be disengaged, entire assembly removable for cleaning.

Motor Compartment

Sealed off from meat contact areas, easily accessible through removable panel door.

Rear Platter

Split, two piece stainless steel, held in place with push pull hold down stainless steel rod and two knobs for easy removal.

Safety End Cut Pusher Plate

Standard, removable, pusher plate storage hanger provided.

Options (EC)

Left to right feed, front moving carriage (opposite of standard), Less meat gauge thickness plate assembly BOTH RIGHT TO LEFT & LEFT TO RIGHT FEED SAWS HAVE OPTIONAL CONFIGURATIONS: Front and rear stationary tables  front and rear moving tables  front and rear roller top tables (not shown)  cord and plug (specify cord length)  stainless steel saw blade wheels.

Options (NC)

Blade speed: 4200 feet (1280 m), 5000 feet (1524 m) per minute.


Uncrated: 750 lbs. (340 kg.) approximate. Crated: 1175 lbs. (534 kg.) approximate.

Dimensions Crated

L = 60” (152.4 cm), W = 62” (157.5 cm), H = 88” (223.5 cm).


All specifications contained herein are subject to change without notification.


Biro Model 55 Saw Brochure


Meat Saw Blades - 164.5"-322H (3/4" Thick)

Meat Saw Blades - 164.5"-325H (5/8" Thick)