Mettler Toledo Safeline Signature Throat Metal Detector
Mettler Toledo Safeline Signature Throat Metal Detector

Mettler Toledo Safeline Signature Throat Metal Detector

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Sensitive vertical detection
Vertical packaging metal detector, controlled from a membrane style operator interface. Throat vertical metal detectors are designed for integration with Vertical Form, Fill and Seal (VFFS) equipment to inspect free-falling products in food processing and packaging applications. These vertical metal detectors are particularly suitable for snack food and confectionery processing where metallized film packaging is used. Inspection of metal contaminants within the product flow takes place immediately before the product enters the bag, overcoming any limitations created by the wrapping material - and ensuring the highest levels of sensitivity is achieved.

Maximum Sensitivity and Performance
Using one or multiple tuned frequencies with enhanced noise and vibration immunity, delivers high levels of sensitivity to detect more metal.

Simple to Use and Robust Detector Design
Proven reliability. Intuitive, easy to use menu driven keypanel. Choice of detector finishes and IP ratings.

Easy integration
Zero metal free zone technology allows installation between weigher and bagger / filling machines for restricted space vertical packaging applications.

Features & Benefits
Unrivalled sensitivity and stability The maximum capacity to detect all metal contaminants combined with stable on-line performance.
Choice of sealing standards and finishes A choice of sealing standards and finishes to suit all environments. IP65 painted finishes for dry wipe clean conditions through to IP66+ stainless steel construction for harsh environments.
Performance validation software Built-in performance validation software indicates when scheduled testing is due and assists QA staff by guiding them through step by step test routines.
Easy to use The intuitive Signature membrane style menu driven interface provides easy set up and minimised downtime at product changeovers.
Compact design for easy line integration Use of unique ZMFZ technology can be used to reduce overall system height enabling installation to take place in situations where the space between weigher and bagger is extremely restricted.
Connectivity options Can be provided with an integral Ethernet adapter enabling connection to all external data collection devices and factory management systems.