Yamato Accu-Weigh BC-10 Mechanical Bar Inventory Scale

Yamato Accu-Weigh BC-10 Mechanical Bar Inventory Scale

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The Accu-Weigh® BC-10 bar inventory control scale tells accurately and quickly how many drinks were sold out of any bottle of up to 64 fluid ounces. No calculations are needed! Direct readings are made from the color coded charts. The net contents of open bottles are measured instantly in fluid ounces! Use the red graduations for distilled spirits and green for cordials.

The color coded, rotating chart compensates for the tare weight (bottle or container) and allows direct readings in fluid ounces. The exclusive built-in dashpot acts as a "shock absorber" to provide quick weight readings. Complete instructions are attached to the side of the scale. A sample inventory sheet is supplied which demonstrates an easy and efficient control system.

Capacity: 64 fl oz x 1 fl oz

  • Color Coded Rotating Chart
  • Reads in Fluid Ounces
  • Air Dashpot - Fast Readings
  • Fine Point Indicator for Accuracy
  • Removable Stainless Steel Platform
  • Accurate - Temperature Compensated Spring Mechanism
  • Easy to Read - 30° Tilted Dial
  • Rugged, Durable Steel Construction
  • Zero Setting Mechanism

Yamato BC-10 Brochure

Yamato BC-10 Operation Guide